Sunday, February 16, 2014

about a boy

i don't know if it's the way you kissed me early in the day or the way you kissed me when i said goodnight. i was caught somewhere between your i love you and my hand that had knotted itself in yours.

i knotted myself up in your too many times these past couple days, and now i'm in a bind that i don't care to untangle myself from.

and on saturday, we were stuck on a ledge.
we knew how we felt and yet i had one last concern --
one last thing to ask of you, for now.

so i made a big, bold statement,
and listened to my words as they poured out from my mouth
and onto the pillow. i looked away from your face because i knew
i had been too honest.

i listened for you to be angry but the anger never came.

so i fell some more.
maybe you have a knack for knowing the right things to say --
perhaps i have a knack for story-telling things to myself that cover what is there --
or maybe, just maybe, we're both onto a great adventure.

{personally i find the adventure most believable.}

i like you most when you spin me around and around.
you let me twirl and circle around you, even if we're in a crowd.

i like the way you stopped me tonight, as you placed your hands on my waist,
and you pulled me in close even though people walked past us.

i like the way i curled up next to you in the car, as we sat and wrote and talked -- taking in our last moments, for now.

waking up and falling asleep in the same place as you is my favorite -- but we knew that already.
i hadn't slept in the same town as you since new years, and that is entirely a sad thing.

i like your plaid shirts and colored chucks.

i like how you prefer expensive chocolate in overpriced theaters.

writing letters with your name on them will never get old -- that just isn't possible.

i can't help but laugh at the thought of this morning, when it came time to take you to church, how we found ourselves stuck on the eleventh floor -- watching elevator after elevator go down, filled with people. i laugh at the dead end we reached in the stairwell, and how, when we finally waited on the second floor, you caught me again and kissed me because we were alone, and you didn't care.

i felt most normal having dinner with you at 10:15 --
you're my favorite person to share a pizza with.
and how you order the sweetest desserts on the menu,
but claim that i am the cause of your poor eating choices when we're together.

and there was that moment today -- a quiet moment between the activities of our day -- when we got the chance to lay around and remember what it's like to be together.
the sun was shining just perfect -- which is why i love my bright room.
i had curled myself alongside you but you pulled away and looked me intently in the eyes.

and you told me how much you loved them -- my eyes.
and you noted how green they were.
and then you looked at me in a way that all girls should be looked at in life.

you told me i was beautiful and that you were in love with me.
you named the things you love about me -- and only the things that dwell within a woman.

then you called me yours,
and i couldn't deny that --

-- so i am yours, still, even after you said goodbye.


  1. This is perfect. I'm obsessed with you and this love of yours. It's perfect.