Sunday, February 2, 2014

you & i.

i have a tendency to feel any given emotion at any given time,
yet you remain composed -- emotions in check, and nowhere near your sleeves.

i will ride any emotion at any given time. and sometimes even the strongest,
most irrational emotion will give me the sense that i'm onto the best or worst decision ever,
you will wait and see what time tells.

i will laugh at almost anything -- even the darkest of humor,
you have a variety of tastes in humor, and an occasional crassness,
but oftentimes you're the one asking why i'm laughing.

i tend to plan and undo those plans and then plan again -- all the while knowing
that most planning is silly,
you plan and achieve and then plan when the time is right again.

i study fiction,
you study facts.

i have new ideas that evolve each day,
you patiently listen.

i almost never finish my plate of food, even though i'll claim to be starving,
you always politely finish your plate {and will share food with me, which is my favorite}

i like sad movies,
you like scary movies that make me bury my face in your arms.

i leave every drawer open no matter what room of a home i am in,
you are the tidiest boy i have ever liked.

i can't cook to save my life,
you have baked something each time i have been to your home.

i drove through a car wash for reasons only god knows why {and totally killed my bumper},
you are the most cautious driver i know.

when i am angry i push you away and i don't want to talk,
you are always ready to listen and to progress.

sometimes i leave you little love letters,
you have bought me more chocolate and sweets than any other boy ever has.

i hated sushi,
you made me love it.

i love to watch movies,
you can recite lines from television shows as if you've seen every episode at least one hundred times.

i get cold easily,
you are always warm.

i love to spin around and around,
you are always there to twirl me.

i have tripped several times around you,
you have always caught me.

i am always the first asleep,
you say my favorite good nights.

i am your favorite 'i love you,'
and you are mine.


happy sunday.

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