Thursday, April 3, 2014

And I'm back.

Blogging this semester has been blah -- and I'm sorry.
I wasn't really around for March, specifically; but that's okay.

Anyway, I'm back.
And this week signifies the beginnings of summer.
My assignments are dwindling and my stress level diminishing,
the light is at the end of the tunnel, all is well in its imperfections,
and my love will be here next weekend.

ALSO, that whole #100happydays thing that people have been doing...
...I started it too. And I'm loving it. I'm only on day three but I really
admire the whole concept of encouraging others to find something -- even one
little thing -- about their day that makes them happy.
I genuinely think that this could do my perspective some good,
and I hope to stick with it.

You can begin your 100 days here.

Anyhoo, the second part of my goal with this 100happydays thing
is to post here, on my blog, each day along with the picture.
The past three days have been crazy {hence why the dwindle has started}
but I'm ready to write again.

I can feel the words in my bones and they're good, and true, and so exciting.

So, here are my first three pictures {in no particular order}:

 This little is who I spend my mornings with. He's teaching me about love and patience and what it means to want to be a better person.
 He's currently learning about the concept of a book. And I might be loving his love of books more than he actually loves the books.
The sky the other morning was ridiculous. Sometimes the OC is so beautiful that I wonder how I never appreciated it until I moved here.

happy almost friday.



Today my mama bought me B.J. Novak's book, One More Thing, and I'm just dying to read it!

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