Wednesday, June 11, 2014

i'm trying to write a story.

i started a story last year and made more progress on it than i had on any other fiction piece.
when i talked to a professor at the end of this past semester she told me about the story she's hoping to write.

during our conversation she told me something along the lines of "i can write about it because i've forgiven it," as though you shouldn't write about something if it isn't forgiven -- at least in her scenario.

that idea resonated with me because what i had initially been writing pertained entirely to bitterness that i had rather than the story i truly wanted to tell.

for nearly one year i have been contemplating a new story -- something that feels familiar and forgiven in my life. i only have ideas -- and one page written in the mind of my character -- so far, but it's something.

i'm learning to write with the intention of being read by a one-person-audience.
it not only takes the pressure off, but it makes the piece more personal and less tried.

so far it's a fiction piece told in multiple pieces.
today, when hanging decorations on my wall, i told my mom
that i didn't care about a level because i'm not a precise person.

i struggle with outlines for stories and i also get bored with
spontaneity of writing that has to continue on for pages and pages.

i'd much rather throw up great ideas onto a few pages
and then do so another time -- with the creativity being how they all
connect and flow.

fingers crossed.

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