Sunday, July 27, 2014

365 days.

I have known my best friend for one whole year.

I planned to meet up with friends at a house before heading to my town's
annual festival. It was at the festival that we were going to meet one of my
friend's boyfriend. I knew ahead of time that he was bringing a friend. I even knew
that they were trying to set him up with another one of my friends who picked me up that morning.

I had no interest in him when she had spoke about him earlier that week.
I had no interest that morning as I climbed into her car and my friend remarked,
"You look adorable! This guy's gonna look at you and fall in love."

But, here we are one year later and my friend was right.
More than right.
And that has been a humbling thing for me.

He is my best friend in the entire world.
He is kind, considerate, giving, loving, and has a constant
listening ear. There's more, but I'm sure that doesn't quite matter to you ;)

All that I can say is that I am blessed.
I am so blessed to know him.
Every day I am challenged by him and I am learning
to be a better, more accountable woman because of him.

Thank you for one whole year of being my friend.
I'm looking forward to celebrating one year of dating soon!


remember these posts?

Not the best quality of pictures...but still, one year ago versus a few hours ago :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

with all of this talk about women's rights - and standing with women - i've decided to share in a little piece of my right.

the following blog post pertains to a topic far different than anything i have ever written about.
it took a couple of days to get my thoughts out.
ultimately it addresses my views on pro-life and pro-choice ideas.
while i don't prefer to go about stating my opinion in any malicious way,
some of my opinions may be offensive.
though i think the beauty of a discussion is having the ability
to thoroughly and civilly argue both sides of an issue.
usually this is a topic i avoid when it comes up in a group,
since my opinions are so easily slammed and shut down.
call me prude, conservative or close-minded -
i know it took a lot of open-mindedness to get to what i now believe.

but this is my blog and i wanted to record my opinion
and put it out there into the world since so many women now
turn to social media to share their opinions.

thanks for reading!