Wednesday, July 2, 2014

with all of this talk about women's rights - and standing with women - i've decided to share in a little piece of my right.

the following blog post pertains to a topic far different than anything i have ever written about.
it took a couple of days to get my thoughts out.
ultimately it addresses my views on pro-life and pro-choice ideas.
while i don't prefer to go about stating my opinion in any malicious way,
some of my opinions may be offensive.
though i think the beauty of a discussion is having the ability
to thoroughly and civilly argue both sides of an issue.
usually this is a topic i avoid when it comes up in a group,
since my opinions are so easily slammed and shut down.
call me prude, conservative or close-minded -
i know it took a lot of open-mindedness to get to what i now believe.

but this is my blog and i wanted to record my opinion
and put it out there into the world since so many women now
turn to social media to share their opinions.

thanks for reading!

for one, i am no political expert.
actually, i don't even feel the need to share
my political stance.
and, quite frankly, i don't even know if what i am about to share
has anything to do with politics, but rather with myself alone.
and maybe with how some others might be feeling.

i'm young.
i'm figuring my beliefs out.
i'm also in college.
and isn't this the time when young people
change who they are and become who they will probably
be for the rest of their lives?

isn't this the time when we can advocate and protest?
 the time when we feel excited about the things
happening in our world because suddenly we're more apart of
what's happening than we were a couple short years ago?

it is.
it's cliche, but it's true.
for a lot of people, anyway.
i'm not here to put words in any one person or group's mouth.

so, because i find myself in my college years {two years in, i might add}
and because this is a time of change in our nation and in our world
- at least that's what i keep hearing people say -
i've decided to speak, too. but only on behalf of my womanly right.

because i am no political expert.
i am only an expert on knowing my own opinions.
and even that requires a life time of extensive self-discovery and maturation.

i recently took a literature course that dealt with the gothic and victorian eras of literature.
during my studies for that class and during class discussions it was made known what women faced fierce opposition and sexism before they gained equal rights.
the crawl towards basic rights was tedious.

i read about florence nightingale.
and what i found most intriguing about her was her desire to work.
her desire to find and obtain purpose in life -- to go against cultural and societal norm
and make her own way.
to pave a way into the future and down in history.

this is just one minuscule example, but the class stands out in my mind because
of the women i read about. and not just the women, but the men too, who stood for the
rights of women.

nowadays we live in a society where i do believe women are, for the most part, equal.
i fail to know each of the in's and out's and the technicalities of when men are superior to women in even the smallest ways, but i certainly cannot recall ever being held from something because someone was sexist and decided that my gender should prohibit me.

and yet, people are currently making a big fuss about women.
or perhaps the fuss has always been loud - i was just too young to hear and or understand it.

there are two sides on a major women's issue {if that's even the proper thing to call it?}
regarding a women's sexuality. although the matter at hand is abortion.

sexuality and abortion can be linked together in some ways,
but after hallow links are made, i am left wondering how it's gone from
sex to murder.

yes, roll your eyes if you'd like, but i believe i just practiced my freedom of speech
and if you have any belief in freedom of speech and women's rights, then you'll
allow me to share my womanly, free opinion on a matter that does concern me.

what i mean to post here is that i am entirely in favor of women's rights.
i believe we should have equal job opportunities and that we should have equal pay.
i believe we have a right to vote and a right to run for office.
i believe we have a right to own property and start our own business.
i believe we have a right to bear arms.
i believe we have a right to fight for our country.
i believe we have a right to speech, political parties, and religion.
i believe we have a right to wake up every morning and decide who we want to be.
i believe we have a right to choose which man we will marry, and whether or not we even want to marry. and yes, i believe we have a right to pick up a poster and protest or advocate for what we believe is right.

isn't that the purpose of this nation?

but aside from these beliefs and some others that i have not listed,
i do not believe in a woman's right to abortion.
i believe in her right to contraception,
but i think that contraception is the word that currently masks the issue people are currently getting at.
the issue of abortion.

i believe in women's rights as much as i believe in human rights.

i believe in the rights of living women -- born and unborn.
i also believe in the rights of men -- born and unborn.
i believe in speaking for the lives of women who cannot use their voices quite yet.
i believe in the innocence of women.
the innocence that exists and forms within a woman's womb.

i believe that a baby is a baby regardless of how it was conceived and regardless of whether it is desired by the parent{s} or not.

i believe women have a right to motherhood and the decision of whether they wish to remain a mother or not.
but the right to a decision regarding their role as a mother is separate from their role as an impregnated woman.
no woman should be forced into motherhood if she is absolutely incapable or ill prepared, but i believe that women do not deserve the right to choose whether or not a life inside of her is optional.

i believe that humans have a right to life -- a right to a full nine months and a birth rather than burned and fed through a vacuum, or even killed in a post-birth abortion.

i believe that there is nothing womanly or courageous in denying yourself a pregnancy -- the very thing you were designed to do.
the one beautiful thing you were set apart for,
the one thing men cannot take away from you or share in with you.

that is your right to womanhood.
and mine.

and i realize that my stance on abortion can lead down so many avenues of argument.
i'm sure people could hurl questions regarding rape culture, and fetal defects, and the birth control and plan b pills, and a woman's right to her body.

a baby is a complete third party, regardless of how it came to be.
and in its innocence should the above issues selflessly fade away.

i swear this isn't some romantic thought.
biologically women are meant to recognize the life and innocence growing within them.
and designed to tend to that baby.
this is plain common sense. and what women have been doing for all of life.

that is womanhood, and selflessness, and beauty, and love.

i don't mean to say that women who have had abortions or who are in favor of them are not cable of selflessness or beauty or love.
and i cannot judge their reasoning for deciding to get abortions.
but, frankly, through my experience with women who have followed through with a termination,
every one of them has regretted it. and felt a deep loss at some point in time, because they eventually witnessed the truth of what a little life means.

no person in favor of abortion -- certainly no doctor practicing terminations is going to talk about the ending effects.
but they exist.

because a life is a life, and, once again, i am a woman completely in favor of standing with human rights. women are included in that, yes, but i don't believe that the right to our bodies means a right to the body of someone else.
because what forms within a woman has purpose and character and love to give.
and the lives of unborn children are murderously stripped away due to abortion.

so call me anti-woman.
or, once again, call me conservative, prude, or close-minded.
but the fact that i formulate and speak my own thoughts about my womanly body and my womanly choices makes me equal to every woman doing the same thing for their own different reasons.

the only difference is i am doing my best to not be swayed by a culture and doctors and clinicians and politicians who say that they promote my right to my body - and yet believe in the murder of my god given design and purpose.

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  1. I feel like I always say this in regards to your posts, but I love this. There's so much truth to this and you worded it so beautifully. You are not anti-woman at all; you are full of wisdom and love and grace and you are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else. Well said.