Friday, August 8, 2014

Currently sitting in Sherwood at a coffee shop that's in a house.

And the rooms are decorated with eclectic antiques and mismatched tables and chairs.

And there are Christmas lights strung outside on the roof.

And the sunset tonight over Yamhill County was breathtaking.

And my best friend is getting married.

And this is my first adult trip where my age tells me that I am no longer a kid, but a friend to married people which sounds oh so bizarre to me.

And I am befriending people from George Fox who I never met and they're all so welcoming and loving and well traveled.

And yesterday I met up with five friends from Galați, Romania and Chișinău, Moldova. Seeing their faces added so much joy to this summer. And not only were they in Portland, but others from places such as India and Sierra Leone were there too. The room was hot and crowded but there was such goodness flowing throughout the attitude and conversation of each individual. I was overwhelmed by the reactions my friends had when they saw me.

And I have yet to walk my old campus, but being back in Newberg has already brought me such a wave of gratefulness and awareness of just how intricately God has prepared my steps. What once was a place that I felt brought me homesickness is really a place that prospered me both within myself and within my life.

And as I sit here sipping yummy Oregon tea {I'll have my favorite chai tomorrow;) } I can't help but rest assured that this life of mine, through all of its twists and turns, has proved to be beautiful.

So I will hopefully see Oregon a time again or two.
I owe this little state so much.


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