Thursday, August 7, 2014

ten happy things about boyfriend (and an extra one!)

hello from good ol' newberg, oregon.
i'm currently visiting my old stomping grounds and it
feels so great to breathe in fresh pacific northwest air.

i've been planted on a friend's couch all day awaiting a rehearsal for
my dear friend ally's wedding! so. crazy. she's getting married! eeek!
here's a post of ally and i from almost two years ago. just look at us!

anyhoo, i have only been out of state for twenty-four hours
and i already miss boyfriend.
it occurred to me on my flight yesterday that he and i have never been this
far apart. i know i'll be fine and i am totally okay with being here for a week but still! i mean,
come on...i'm still going to miss him!
so for this post i'm going to tell you ten things that i love about him because for the past twenty-four
hours my texts to him have been filled with "i love yousssssss"

here they are:

1. he always makes certain that i'm okay. no matter how i feel, i can count of him to check in with me.
2. he makes me feel absolutely beautiful no matter what i am wearing and no matter what beautiful girl is around. i love the assurance of knowing that his eyes are on me.
3. his hands are the warmest and the safest to hold.
4. boyfriend smells good. all of the time. i just don't understand it. and i love it.
5. i love him in just jeans and a t-shirt. yep, he's that kind of guy that just looks absolutely handsome for just looking simple. it's kind of ridiculous.
6. he loves burritos as much as i do. and he's the best meal-sharer around.
7. he makes me breakfast.
8. he knows how to sacrifice for me but he also knows what he couldn't ever sacrifice for me. the balance he keeps between his goals for himself and his goals for us is something that i admire.
9. he has this contagious eagerness to know and understand the world around him.
10. he is all brains and logic - which completely balances my emotions and irrational thinking.

i love him.
he's my best friend.


i love him for an eleventh reason because he bought me tickets to see arcade fire.
my favorite band. ahhhh


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