Wednesday, November 5, 2014

As of late.

i have been m.i.a...possibly worse than ever before.
i've had a big decline in readership numbers but, hey, i'm a busy girl
and i'm learning a lot about privacy.

i used to be able to write just about anything on here before
learning to keep most secrets to myself.

i don't know what happened, but it is definitely a new year's resolution for me to write on here more because i miss the day to day journaling. and i miss the documentation i have from the past two or so years.

anyway, because tumblr and pinterest have already occupied much of today's time, i decided to check blogger. although i haven't been writing, i have been constantly looking at inspiring things on the glorious internet.

-if you guys want to look at beautiful, feminine lingerie, go here. there are so many yellow pieces that i am obsessed with *sigh at college broke girl problems*

-if you want to look at simple, chic street style pictures, type in "normcore" on your pinterest account because oh my god i want to try this style SO BADLY. does it count if i bought new balance shoes like two years ago? i think so ;)

{p.s. they're yellow too...}

-lorde's new song, yellow flicker beat, has been on repeat over here in my ears. i seriously can't get enough.

- ....and...because i listen to lorde, i was introduced to majical cloudz. go listen to them too. seriously. especially if you're okay with somber music and clever lyrics. when i saw them perform i didn't know what to think, but they've totally grown on me.

-i'm thinking of dying my hair this color again. change, ya know? today i saw a model with a similar color and i got all of the reminiscing feels.

-LASTLY, i have been looking for these boots. can you say fall weather forever?!? i can. especially with these boots.

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