Wednesday, November 12, 2014

SF, xoxo.

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful little film?
San Francisco is by far my most favorite city in the entire world.
I feel home every time I see that skyline.

My favorite part about driving into Berkeley to see boyfriend--aside from seeing boyfriend--
is that skyline.
Sometimes Karl the Fog is out...but I love Karl, especially when he stretches over East.
But, gosh, drive along 80 around sunset on a clear day and I swear the city looks like
magic across the bay.
You'll get a clear perspective of the Bay Bridge and the GG Bridge.

I have this little habit:
Every time I make my way through Richmond I begin to get excited --
and as soon as I see the exits for University and Ashby I know
that the skyline is to my right -- 
and I always whisper to myself: I'm home.

Because that's what SF feels like.
I'm determined to make the girl-moves-to-the-city story happen -- even if it's for a short while, even if I do it alone or with a husband.
It'll be a glorious adventure.
Travel the world--I hope I do--but I know that SF is the best place to come home to. 


p.s. happy 600th post!

and, a friend told me yesterday: "It will change you and ruin you completely, in the best possible way."

Now, she said this regarding something else.
But sometimes I hope that everything in life will 
treat me as so -- perhaps it's the inner literary lover side of me,
but to be changed and ruined seems an awful lot like being 
broken and hemmed. 
Aka: Wonderful humanness. 

So, no matter my adventure -- goodness is around the corner, people.
Can you feel the magic?

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