Tuesday, December 30, 2014

a 2014 list:

in light of some of the losses and hardships experienced this year,
i've compiled a list of all of god's blessings.
in spite of whether or not the bad feels more than the good,
i know that god's blessings are continually more numerous than all else.
{and lists have always helped me sort this kind of stuff out:) }

1. boyfriend and i celebrated one year together {and now we're nearly at 1 1/2...crazy!}
2. i switched schools, and now attend an amazing, small private school that absolutely inspires me everyday.
3. i get to live near old and new friends, and they all make my quiet self feel so full.
4. this summer it seemed as though my childhood dog, eddie, might pass away, but he has pulled through and i am sincerely grateful for his presence each day.
5. i witnessed a few beautiful weddings this year, and next year i have many more to look forward to
6. mom and dad surprised my brother, grandparents, and i with a christmas trip to disneyland {i'll make that it's own post!} and it was magical.
7. i figured out that closing my college career at oxford might be a possibility
8. this semester i got straight A's {which means A LOT to someone who NEVER got this type of grade until recently}.
9. i took a jane austen course that fulfilled my need to read her novels, and it was glorious.
10. i took a trip to OREGON {to be in one of those weddings i told you about} and i too often dream of going back for another visit.
11. i had the best roommate of my life during spring semester. she will forever be a friend, and i love her AND her taste in fashion.
12. being closer to home means lots of quality time that i didn't have for two years, and for each extra minute i feel blessed.
13. san francisco and berkeley acted as massive backdrops all year long for my relationship, and sometimes i pinch myself that i've fallen in love in a place that is so beautiful and so not what i could have ever anticipated.
14. i was gifted with beautiful letters from my grandma, and they became even more precious when she left this earth earlier this summer.
15. i took a film class that completely changed my entire view of film and writing. let's just say that my selfish little dream beyond all my other dreams is to win an oscar for best writer. but i mean, that's just my ego talking and my wishful thinking ;)
16. boyfriend and i have taken steps {together!!!} toward our relationships with god, boyfriend's change of heart is the one thing i feel most blessed about. i think that we have some exciting things on the horizon...maybe not completely in 2015, but we'll potentially be seeing you, 2016 ;)

my list could go on and on.
the thing about positive thinking is that once you start, it's difficult to finish!
i didn't compile this list to brag, but my hope is to share what helps me see the good.
i know that the holiday season can often times be difficult for some,
but i am still hoping that all of you have been blessed.

merry christmas & happy new year!
...while i can still say that ;)

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