Saturday, January 24, 2015


i saw the movie "cake" earlier this evening.

{though by the time this posts, it would have been yesterday, but...}

i actually really liked it, but in ways that i hadn't expected.

i went into the movie not knowing that the main character, claire,
is a grieving mother.

there were moments that resonated with me and my own personal
experience with the grief of a mother.

i didn't think a whole lot of it.

and then i drove away.
and as i approached home, some old insecurities arose in me.

and before i knew it i was in tears, parked outside, with boyfriend
on the other line -- he was completely aware of why i was crying.

and god bless him for being a secure and encouraging and loving
enough man to deal with me -- especially when my emotions are
irrationally high.

but that was that.
today wasn't bad -- not even a little bit.

and the movie, well the movie is worth it if you have a quirky
sense of humor and are inclined to watch someone grieve in their
own peculiar way.

and remembering -- well, remembering isn't that bad, either.
it hardly ever brings tears.
but when it does, i am reminded that some friendships come and go --
though it must be permissible to hold onto moments and memories that make
you feel something that once significantly moved, inspired, grew or challenged you.

so that's what cake did this evening -- for me, anyway.

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