Sunday, January 4, 2015

him & her // he & i

him: true sushi lover
her: hates all fish {until he showed me california rolls}
both: lovers of macaroni & cheese

him: breaking bad & how i met your mother
her: a shameless reality tv binger {until he introduced her to the best of netflix}
both: can agree on just about any show

him: marvel movies
her: an education, tree of life, rabbit hole {anything dreary or drama}
both: can sit through a superhero movie at the theaters and a weird independent film on the couch

him: berkeley
her: three little schools
both: want to be doctors in their own way

him: science & numbers
her: writing & books
both: want to write a story together someday

him: athlete / football captain
her: asb president & theater lover
both: were entirely involved in school

him: two brothers, one sister
her: two sisters, one brother
both: love her triplet cousins

him: a human heater
her: hates to be hot
both: lovers of cool weather

him: loves breakfast burritos
her: loves pancakes {he hates pancakes}
both: love making breakfast together

him: tries to get her to dance
her: hates to dance
both: feel comfortable freestyle rapping together

him: loves rap music
her: loves indie and folk music
both: attended two indie concerts and one JT concert last year;)

him: lives in a big city
her: wishes she could live in a big city
both: want to live anywhere in the world with one another

him: dogs
her: cats & dogs
both: agree on a cat named wednesday and a dog named barkeley

him: wrote her three hundred and sixty-five love notes for christmas
her: bought him all marvel gifts
both: usually buy one another mike n ikes

him: invests in videogames
her: invests in clothing
both: he bought her dream madewell bag and she agrees to play him on super smash bros

him: night owl
her: early bird
both: wish they slept way more than they actually do during school

him: wears tons of flannels
her: boots & scarves
both: love converse

he & i -- our likes and dislikes make us that much better for one another.

good night


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