Thursday, January 1, 2015

most of 2014 according to my vsco cam...

 two of my favorite people out by the!

 messing with an old jeep out by the lake
 seriously one of my favorite places in california
 there's something so wonderful about children's knobby knees and dirty feet in the summer time
 midnight, the cat, from some summer time nanny shenanigans...
 ...and the "love birds" she antagonized {but, i promise, could not/did not harm!}

 there's also something about children and cardboard boxes that creates loads of fun
 facing my ferris wheel fear at the spectrum in irvine. the picture seems way more steady than my arm felt
 i swear, edward is the cutest dog i could have asked for
 one of my last homework days while living near newport beach
 summer time = wedding season

 the sweetest bride, ever. watching one of my best friends marry her best friend was a blessing and magic all at once
 frederick james, a nephew that has my heart
 this picture screams "CAN YOU JUST SMELL THAT FRESH OREGONIAN AIR?!" yes, yes i could. i heart you, pnw.
 i mean, LOOK AT THE TREES... {!}
 chapters books & coffee. home of the best chai of my life
 that pdx carpet, man. kills me every time. i always knew i was back in oregon when i saw the carpet. you can follow the pdx carpet on instagram here
 velour, one of the prettiest little thrift stores ever. they changed locations just after i moved from newberg and this summer i got to see the new store!
 old friend, old roommate, love!
 george fox is just the prettiest campus of my college career 
 a best friend & bride
 SYMPOSIUM COFFEE. if you're ever in tigard or sherwood, oregon go to this coffee shop!

 seeing arcade fire was a dream
 this guy is totally the reason for that concert dream come true 
 this home of his in berkeley will always feel like a place where we truly planted our roots and began to grow
 as she drove up the 101 i dashed from berks to the embarcadero just to see this oregonian friend of mine for a little while and it was worth it
 this summer brother spent nine days hospitalized for a torn lung. it was a challenging time that left us all feeling grateful for him
 she has my hair. dear lord. but she rocks it better than i ever could, little beauty
 future world explorer

 by the water, with my love
 i reminisced over my old home in irvine.
can we got back to the weeks before christmas when the 
lights were merry and not just decorations!
 when the hair is tamed and wild all at once
 books & boy and berkeley is just a mix of madison's happiness
 when olive grace entered the world just before christmas 
 i caught him smiling as i drove away... i wish he was looking my way, but still. such a babe
 thanksgiving with triplet hooligans 
 SF forever 
 so much jane austen the past few months. so much goodness 
 i miss my room at home almost most of all
 my flower child best friend 
 little shops in berkeley + boyfriend = us making believe that we're married and just picking up dinner after a long day of work and classes 
 i'm telling you berkeley kills me
 and it REALLY killed me when lorde came to town.
yellow flicker beat my heart
 i think that this is the biggest corn maze in the country {?}
it takes about two hours and i was frightened once it became dark out, but worth it!
 hi, embarcadero 
 celebrating one year, on our pier, in the city of our first date, looking out at the bridge that took us east where he almost kissed me for the first time on our first date and where he asked me to be his

 so many wonderful days at cal

 brandon boy
 a spontaneous day in chinatown 
this year consisted of so many jellyfish. i'm not complaining

happy new year, once again.


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