Sunday, January 11, 2015

ten p.m. thoughts

tomorrow's the first day of class sessions and i thought that tonight i would come home to a new roommate {yikes} -- but, so far, no one {even though i know that someone should show up sometime this week}. i'm hoping that she doesn't arrive sometime within the hour because i'm exhausted and half awake and already in bed {because i'm super lame and love my granny-hours of sleep!}

the whole concept of roommates has always been weird for me.
the introvert in me immediately wants to crawl within my shell and i think of
the million and one ways i can be absent from my room, while also hoping that
whoever the girl is prefers to go to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour.


the optimist in me is hoping that this particular situation will go as well as
last spring's situation -- because gina is still one of the dearest people to me.

i'm sure she's great and i look forward to a new friendship -- most especially since
i still feel pretty new at the university -- but, can i just be honest and say that i am beyond
over the whole college-dorm-on-campus-housing thing. i mean, i know that the school isn't
necessarily making me live here, but i'm over it, nonetheless. i live in a studio-setting {IN A HOTEL, i might add} and i'm about to share it with a total stranger.

god has a sense of humor, because this year i prayed that he would teach me grace --
not to say that i'm not one to give grace, but i feel that every area of my life probably needs
some improving, and grace seems like a good lesson to learn.

the funny thing about god is that he doesn't hand his children qualities or successes or over-comings
-- he builds a scenario that uses the desired quality as a challenge.

hence why he's placed a variety of individuals in my life.

the lessons and the grace and the love he gives always astound me.
but sometimes i have to roll my eyes as i say "okay, god, i'm giving this one to you."

here's to a new semester! and new friends! and resolutions! and a whole lot of god-given grace!

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