Sunday, February 15, 2015

ny fashion week // fall/winter 2015

d&g has me all in shambles over here with this eclectic, fairy-tale showcase! that yellow dress at 9:00....oh. my. god. i just about died. i LOVE the knee high boots, flat shoes, and maxi styled dresses for winter.

and then suno is all jane eyre's bertha mason/"madwoman in the attic" inspired {which is one of the reasons why i'm an english major!}.
AND THEN alexander wang just killed it with the whole goth style.
i swear i should have appreciated the 90's style when i was a kid because
it seems to me like it's back and better than ever.

i have yet to view victoria beckham's show...which i'm very curious about.
and, i can't forget my favorite -- marc jacobs -- whose show i always anticipate {is he showing this season or did he collaborate his fall/winter 2014/2015 shows...?...i have no idea}.

i feel so out of the loop this year with my lack of a vogue subscription.
but i'm trying!

so so so happy it's fashion week.
the updates during the seasons always make me happy.

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  1. NYFW yesssss! I have been obsessing over it this week, and just watched d&g thanks to you, it was so dreamy. I also loved Michael Kors!! If only we were there!