Friday, February 20, 2015

what i wish i was wearing lately.

i was met by this pair of pants when i walked into anthropologie the other day.
i love me a good skinny with a bare ankle, but flare jeans speak my language, too.
for me they're the denim version of the printed bell bottoms i've been dreaming of for the past year.
{i mean, look at that COLOR with that simply grey two faves all in one}

speaking of grey...
i've been obsessed with getting one of these tops for a couple of months now, but there's
no sign of a brandy store anywhere near me. these tanks just seem so effortless and versatile and comfy, don't you think?

my mom has a pair similar to these shoes and i wish i had a big girl job already so i could make my feet look pretty. i'm not one to enjoy shoe shopping. i LOVE the bare, dirty footed feeling of summer. but i mean...these shoes are beautiful and minimal and i'm tired of stealing my mom's. and they're calvin klein's ;)

and i am obsessed with anything for love and lemons.  i mean, c'mon.

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