Monday, March 16, 2015

should be studying. thinking of shoes instead!

these free people shoes scream summer, no?

and then these madewells are just the perfect sunday, summer shoe. or even a good date night shoe!

and then can we talk about these three shoes that i tried at cathy jean and basically freaked out over - but you know, had to remind myself that my bank account isn't a tree growing money?!
but AWESOME are these shoes?! i don't even know how i'd pick a pair...

and then...dun dun dun...yes, i'm going there with my taste in shoes {who would have thought?!}
i think i maaaaaybe want these {even though in berkeley this past weekend i told boyfriend, "i like them! i like them!"}

but to end this little shoe craze for reals...these BEAUTS have been on my radar for forever already. i promise myself that i will invest in a pair of pretty shoes at some point this year! i like this color, but perhaps a clog in the color yellow...perhaps even in a different style would work. i suppose i'd just have to try first! a san francisco store, mill mercantile, sells sven's product, but at the moment i don't believe they have them in season.

the end.

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