Friday, April 17, 2015

a crazed procrastinator. what i've been listening to:


so i'm obsessed with anything wes anderson. but the soundtrack for the grand budapest hotel has been on repeat in my ears for about a month, if not longer.
i'm obsessed with it. obsessed.

it helps me write. 
in fact, the entire alexandre desplat station on pandora is pure writing inspiration genius.
so here's a little taste of that little tune from the film.
it's slightly different from how it sounds on pandora but you get the picture...or the sound?

finally, when i have been writing more serious works, this score -- another desplat masterpiece, except it's for the imitation game -- keeps me going strong.

that piano just kills me every time. and my fingers click away.
i freakin love it.

and then, like, because drake...

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