Thursday, April 23, 2015

last day of junior year classes recap.

just wanted to write myself a little note on here:

today was a good day.
it was long and jam-packed and emotional,
but it was so good.

and this coming wednesday, you will officially be a college senior.
units counted and all.

you haven't always loved college.
it has been a lonely,
thought provoking,
ever altering,

but, summed up simply: it has been so good.
{or, "well", if i want to use my three-years-towards-a-bachelor's-degree-in-english knowledge}

today you completed one of the greatest undergrad courses you have ever taken,
the southern novel.

and, you are nearly done with your last book of the year: till we have faces
{even though you definitely won't finish cs lewis' biography...but, who's counting?}.

last semester you read jane austen's:
sense & sensibility
pride & prejudice
and mansfield park.

you read theological books on the book of acts. {not to mention you read acts three times through}.

you wrote your first exegesis.

you took british lit. and read so many pieces of texts:
the iliad (homer)
the odyssey (homer)
oedipus the king (sophocles)
lysistrata (aristophanes)
the divided line and the cave (plato)
lyrics (catullus)
metamorphosis (ovid)
aeneid (virgil)
medieval lyrics
the inferno (dante)
canterbury tales (chaucer)
petrarchian and shakespearian poetry
paradise lost (milton)
don quixote (cervantes)
and a modest proposal (swift).

you read a book all about marriage and family psychology.

you read pages and pages of handouts and articles regarding discipleship.

then, this semester, the reading went to a whole other level. you weren't just intrigued, but you became passionate.

you read some of shakespeare's plays all the way through:
a midsummer night's dream,
henry iv, part i,
measure for measure,
and as you like it.

you read an entire textbook on environmental science {which was the biggest miracle read of all}.

you read such great works from cs lewis:
mere christianity
the screwtape letters
the great divorce
the abolition of man
the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
out of the silent planet
and {almost done} till we have faces
-- plus most of that bio you probably won't ever finish!

{which makes me want to cry with happiness...i now have a favorite genre to refer to when i talk about what types of books i prefer, rather than just stating fiction}:

the adventures of huckleberry finn (mark twain)
wise blood (flannery o'connor)
the moviegoer (walker percy)
beloved (toni morrison)
joe (larry brown)
the awakening (kate chopin)
as i lay dying (william faulkner)
the optimist's daughter (eudora welty) the hell did i get so blessed to read all of this?!?

when i describe my college education it goes something like...

i have basically read my bucket list of the authors and texts i only ever dreamt of glimpsing...luckily i not only got to read them, but i got a grasp on them, i was in a structured environment where everything was being explained to could i have not taken advantage of that?

so, that's the blessing of college, i've learned.
not only will i {hopefully} get a higher pay with this degree,
but i will also forever have the knowledge of these texts engrained in my ideology.

and that's what is my favorite part.

i feel so blessed.

even as i am swamped with one last lewis paper and one last chopin/faulkner paper.

i can't wait for classes in august!


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