Wednesday, April 22, 2015

sometimes as a writer,

it's as if you're dammed to live within the fiction that you create for yourself each and every day.
as magical as it oftentimes feels, there is always a halting reality waiting at the end of the dream.

but, before you deem this halting reality as a pessimist's remark,
know that what i mean is that i am trying to recognize and welcome this reality
in my own life & find a balance between
my own fiction and absolute truth.

somewhere in between there must exist a balance of creativity and sanity, yes?

today, in my final day of my shakespeare course, my professor wanted to discuss
the importance of studying literature. so that's what we did for an hour and a half --
we talked about the importance of the preparation and wisdom that literature brings to an
individual regarding the hardships that might actually arise in life.

she hopes that we will all continue to read -- and to not just read for fun,
but to read what is difficult, what is ugly, what is grueling and long and full
of despair...but to embrace the ideas as fully as we should when w read something that is rawly funny or joyous or beautiful.

hoard the fiction, and keep it for real life.


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