Tuesday, April 7, 2015

two years & twenty-one

an old friend messaged me on facebook tonight and his message just about made my entire week!
corbin was one of my closest friends while i lived in newberg, or.

i remember the first time he and i ever met.
we were at the first breakfast of the school year.
we sat at this rounded table in the cafeteria --
i was nervous and he was calm and collected (so he seemed).

we eventually realized that the two of us had the same first class:

old testament literature.

i felt so relieved that i had someone to show me where to walk to class.

corbin and i just kind of stuck together all throughout the school year --
in our own way, of course.

i cannot recall when the comfortability in bickering came about,
but when it did we were both very comfortable.

i was extremely emotional that year {okay, so, i'm always emotional but that year it was at an all time high} and corbin wasn't afraid to call me out on my shit or to tell me when i was wrong or annoying or ridiculous.

and i really loved him for it.
for once i didn't have someone putting pressure on me in a friendship.

we didn't need to see each other all the time to be friends,
and we weren't friends just to be friends.

he still remains one of my most favorite people to have a conversation with just because
he always seems to be formulating new thoughts about god and theology, even the world around us.

i always feel a bit timid spurting out my thoughts because somehow he always seems to know
more than me {and not at all in an arrogant way and more in a grown-up way}.

i was so pleased when i found out that he and i would go to romania together.
once more, i had someone to walk me somewhere so that i wouldn't get lost.
so, together, we trekked across the world and into eastern europe.

it was my first time out of the country.
it was his first time returning to his birth place in romania.

the bickering didn't stop in romania {ha!},
some of my fondest memories of him are from those
conversations or disagreements during that trip.

we were all vulnerable in one way or another while there.
and when you leave the country with someone, you always share that
bond of a friendship.

the last day i saw corbin was in pdx, late at night.
we had just landed from hours and hours of traveling back in time.
i think that our entire day of july fifth lasted twenty-nine hours.

i can recall saying goodbye in a groggy way.

it was the last time i saw that oregon friend of mine.

until we met up one year later.

he picked me up in a little red car.
he had just spent the summer living in romania
and i had just moved home from orange county.

we were opposites.
and yet, being with an old friend again was so wonderful.

as we drove through portland i couldn't help but note how
indebted i am to my first university for blessing me with
friendships that abound in love and joy and depth.

so we sat across from one another eating tacos at por-que-no?
and then we made our way to see romanian friends.
we got lost.
at the time he refused to have a cell phone.
when i asked him how he thought we'd get around {because what if i didn't have an iphone!?}
he sarcastically responded, "i knew that you would have an iphone."

then we went back to his place to have one of our talks.
he has the cutest dog that ran around the yard with us.
we caught up on what the professors were saying about different ideas,
and i got his opinion on some of my own thoughts.

then it was time to go.
he dropped me back at newberg, where the friendship all began.

college has never been the same relationally since i left fox.

with the exception of a few people, i haven't met many who see me the way
my fox friends did when we were all so young -- though not much younger than we are now.

in a half hour i turn twenty-one.
it has been almost two years since i made friends like corbin.

i am in love with my best friend,
attending my third university,
and dreaming dreams i never thought possible.

i am certainly going into tomorrow with major gratitude.

god is good.
tonight he reminded me of just how good he is,
especially when it comes to joining friendships.

*please pardon ALL of the errors. it's late and this was not proofread...oooops.

p.s. here's a little remembering for tonight with some bad-quality pictures feat. corbin and friends.

happy birthday to how old/young i feel right now.

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