Saturday, April 18, 2015

you guys...

i splurged on the cutest pair of summer shoes.
{ok. there's lots of cute pairs of summer shoes...}
but these are like...
well, very rarely am i a shoe girl but when i saw these vans at nordstrom's last weekend,
it was just fate.

all week i would just about purchase them online, but as soon as i got
to the check-out stage i would close the tab.

then, today, i walked by vans.
a saleswoman asked if i needed any help...
i just looked at boyfriend with those oh-no-help-me-eyes...
and then i asked her if i could try on a size and within five minutes the shoes were
on my feet and then seconds after that she was ringing me up at the cash register.


the shoes won.
my wallet lost.
but, all in all, at least my feet reap the benefits of my wallet's demise.


they're even polka dot inside!

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