Friday, July 10, 2015

boyfriend got a new place for the year!

wooohooooo! boyfriend got a new place!

aaaaaaaand i'm trying to love more of it, other than just the BEAUTIFUL AMAZING BREATHTAKING natural light. seriously, i am the amateur of amateurs when it comes to my nikon. AND YET i freaked out yesterday just snapping away my little amateur fingers as i soaked in the rainy dimmed sun of berkeley. 

there is no living room in his place -- but hey, the windows (even though most don't even open!) are tall, the ceilings are vaulted and the floors are just every home owners dream find when they buy a house and pull back that old carpet to find authentic wooden floors. 

i walked in a littttttle hesitant, though. he now lives away from a main street that i just ADORE. he used to live a walk away from sushi, chinese food, some wonderful cafes, the shop with the best cupcake ever, and, not to mention, my all time favorite florist. 

but now, even though he lives much closer to more, cheaper shops and even campus, my little routine self is still adjusting to the one-way-street and two-hour-parking-only-and-no-near-parking-garages reality. 

also, the apartment buildings -- which, i have learned that oftentimes "apartment" really means that a landlord probably just sectioned off a massive old house so that four different groups of people can live together without actually living together... -- look SO HAUNTED. 

so those things really threw me off at first but then i saw that light and it was just like....sigh.

PLUS he had made and centered his bed perfectly between two windows, so the minimalist in me was just happy clapping inside and dreaming of everything would do should the apartment have been mine.

ANYWAY, enough of my blabbering on. while the maintenance man came in to check up on the strong smell of gas, i walked around snapping away. 


aaaand, speaking of the maintenance man, last night was supposed to be our first night staying there -- before the roommates move in and all -- but the dinner i prepped and brought with me eventually could not get cooked without the fire alarm going off if we walked away from fanning it. and that awful gas smell just increased, even though the maintenance guy said we should be fine. hungry and a little freak out by the smell of gas, we spent the night elsewhere. yay for young love whilst simultaneously trying to figure out grown-up things!

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