Saturday, July 11, 2015

pretty little morning

a month or so ago my family wandered down the coast to this little antique fair
and, well, i wanted EVERYTHING.

the slightly {barely there thank god!} domestic side of me was coming out full fledged and ready to build a nest. my wallet, on the other hand, has its own ideas *cough* restrictions...

anyhoo, it was one of my first outings like this with my camera when i actually
felt brave enough to snap some photos.

here are the pretty pieces that inspired me by contributing to my
future home dreams!

 {^^^ sadly, these didn't last very long}
 {^^^ ok, boyfriend, i'm not saying i would put this in our home. but it's still cute!}
 {i'm beginning to really love old tin cans in various shapes and sizes}
 {^^^ being the daughter of a glass man, this is my favorite kind of glass;) }
{^^^it was her first time antiquing! and we gave her a dollar to pick a spoon! start 'em young}
 {^^^ i LOVE this sign. if any of you know me personally, you'll understand why i would like this haaa}

the end. 

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