Saturday, July 11, 2015

saturday p.m. thoughts

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lately, as i've been contemplating the idea of {god-willingly} being a college graduate
this time next summer, i can't help but feel the shudders of anxiousness and ambiguity fill me up in the enemy's attempts to drown me with doubt and fear.

i'm avidly doing the whole battle-field-of-the-mind thing
{which, aren't we all?}...

one thought will lead to another.

one idea turns to fear.

fear turns to anxiousness.

soon that anxiousness becomes an idol of sorts
with an alter that completely ruins me as i put faith
into myself, circumstances, fear itself --

rather than faith in the one being who actually can help me.

so i'm trying to be better
{boy, am i always saying that. ha!}

but i am.

so when i came across this quote today on here
my heart couldn't help but smile in sweet, sweet relief that
i'm not the only one.
yeah, the post itself doesn't relate to me directly,
but the quote -- that idea of god being the adventure -- is a solid ground to stand your mentality upon.

everyone is a little uncertain
{or a lot}
{but god isn't}.

and i don't have to have everything figured out.
{because god does}
and god's truth is thee truth.
and my adventures aren't about to come to a screeching end.
and i can't miss god's will if i am in pursuit of it.
because he's the god who writes adventures because he loves them so much.
and it is humbling to just sit and dwell on the idea that he loves me so much that he has adventures planned in the here and now, and the then and there, according to who he made me to be.

so, this coming year will be amazing,
even in the midst of its trials;
even when i'm not literally feeling all the amazing feels;
even when god's plan has me like
"wait! whaaaaat?"
even when i can't necessarily see the place -- the adventure.

here's the quote that pushed me onwards and upwards
{always upwards}:

"But the only place we need to see before we

 die is the place of seeing God. Here and now."

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  1. Oh my goodness I love that quote! Sending lots of love and blessings to you from Australia. <3