Monday, August 3, 2015


today i was accepted into a film studies program.

i have no words, just gratitude and humility and awe.

i thanked the professor who really inspired all of this.

though, i suppose it all began when i was two -- this interest in stories and the camera.

with a grandmother on the east coast, my dad would send her home movies of me.

in my world, my grandma was the camera.

so for the years to come i stuck by that camera: directing, creating and starring in my own "films" while also bossing the neighborhood children around. i also picked up writing around the age of six. my genre of choice: comedy.

as a middle schooler and high schooler i fell in love with fahsion editorials (specifically vogue, w, and harper's bazaar) and envied individuals such as grace coddington, patrick demarchelier and andre leon talley for their jobs as creative individuals who designed sets and told stories through cameras, models and words.

and then, as a sophomore in college, one literature in film class brought my love of story telling into my interest with pictures.

here i am.

this might take me somewhere,
it might not take me anywhere after the fact,
but for now, i am moving forward.

here are the films from the class that continued it all:

 Joel & Ethan Coen - The Big Lebowski 
 Gabriel Axel - Babette's Feast 
 Abbas Kiarostami - Close-Up
 Wes Anderson - The Darjeeling Limited 
 Terrence Malick - The Tree of Life
 Woody Allen - Hannah and Her Sisters
 Satyajit Ray - Panther Panchali
 Ingmar Bergman - The Seventh Seal
Krzysztof Kieslowski -  Trois Couleur Bleu
Giddi Dar - Ushpizin
Deepa Mehta - Water 
Wes Anderson - Hotel Chevalier