Monday, September 28, 2015

Monday/Wednesday Coffee/Study Friend/Fellow English Major

I met a girl in my classes last year. She's always been so sweet.
This semester is the first time we've really had the chance to get to know
one another outside of classes, which is so funny because it's the first semester
that we don't have class together.

Anyway, without planning, we've just started to meet up each Monday/Wednesday in between
our classes. Before, I'd already be at the school coffee shop and then she'd come and sit at a nearby table and we would briefly chat about the books we're reading and the papers we are writing.

But the past few times she has asked to sit with me.
We say that we're doing homework, but the truth is that we end up talking
about our grad school dreams, and our favorite pieces of writing, and what it's like
commuting or taking a particular course.

In a way, we aid in one another's procrastination, although it's a healthy type.
In fact, she's actually been teaching me about flexibility.

I am usually guarded about my study time,
but this semester I have been working hard to change that --
just in time for my Monday/Wednesday catch-up time with a new friend.

I just wanted to write this down, mostly as a reminder for myself,
that no matter how busy you feel you might be--and trust me, I know we
live in a crazy busy society--there is almost (always) always time to make
for others. In fact, I have found myself to be more productive after our chats.

Here's to new friends, essays, coffee and books.

The little things.

The end.

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