Sunday, September 6, 2015

san francisco.

i will be in love with san francisco until my dying day.

my love for the city is rooted in some of my earliest memories of childhood.

it also reminds me of falling in love with boyfriend, since our first date took place
scattered amongst a few of its corners.

any chance i get, i try to reach the city.

so when my mom suggested staying a night, i couldn't protest.

the day we spent amongst the city was so beautiful.
the skies were clear, no karl in sight.
it was one of those days when the breeze keeps you cool just right,
and the hustle and bustle of the sidewalk is tolerable.

i love the stains of san francisco.
it's stained by diversity, wall colors, mismatched architecture;
it is littered with the yummiest foods; crammed with desperate cars;
every crevice is a story of some sort, and its inhabitants are a million stories
all their own.

i just can't express my love of it enough.

this trip, i was happy to bring my canon along.
i'm still insecure when it comes to stopping and taking a picture,
but i'm getting better with just allowing myself to stop and capture something
i find intriguing or beautiful.

i take the pictures for my own recollections, anyhow.

p.s. if you're ever in the city, i recommend the mill sf off of divisadero,
fresh sandwiches {or a pretty bouquet of leaves...eeeek!} from the bi-rite just down the block, and then a stroll to see the painted ladies.

just saying.

until next time!

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