Friday, September 18, 2015


Love and Prayer and HUGS 
out to friends serving abroad right now.

I have one particular friend in mind.

You guys, to be completely honest and open, 
this past week I have been completely reminded of the beauty and importance of the 
GREAT Commission.

God works in the most glorious, inspiring ways.
And he calls everyone to some aspect of this commission.
NO ONE is too young or incapable.

There is so much beauty to be had in the great pursuit of God.
It's a love-story totally not worth missing out on.

It's frightening and inspiring and adventurous.

And these are just human words that can't even do it justice in description.

God is so good. 

I often forget to remind myself of this,
even though he yearns to cover my days, all day every day.

Just feeling blessed by the people in my life who are brave enough to say "yes" to the call.

Just feeling humbled by God's goodnesses.

Earlier today I was losing sight of the prayers he has already answered for me, as well as the provisions he wants to promise me.

So, thank you to my friend who just reminded me what living out on pure faith looks like.

I't's beautiful, and so is her personhood.

The end. 

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  1. a million billion trillion amounts of love to you and your family. seriously, y'all blessed me
    more than you know! it's an honor to call you my friend. <3