Thursday, September 10, 2015


this exact time last week i was making my way through davis.
i remember because the sun in all of its orange-sunset perfection was setting
over the first of those glorious east-bay hills.

i was going home.
i was going to san francisco.
i was bound to see my lovely parents.

so tonight, amidst major procrastination {seriously, i have a paper due at midnight, and i'm writing it on anne bradstreet...yaaaaay puritans!} i am all nostalgic.

the good thing is that i don't feel sad about not going home this weekend,
or possibly next weekend, as well. 

the truth is that i am trying to slow down time;
and by doing i am required to be still;
to remain in the here and now without focusing too much on the wherever elses.

i love the space i have been blessed with.
it is so lovely and mine.
i love coming home, which is something i haven't always felt while at university.
but this place is warm, cozy, inviting and quiet.

it gives me enough time to think,
and perhaps too much time to procrastinate...oops.

so, wherever any of you are, i hope that your heart finds as much contentment as my room is giving me now.
i hope your evening is as glorious as those californian east-bay hills that seem to roll and roll for eternity, fumbling towards the blue bay that i love so very much.

the end. 

^^^ a picture of my room last wednesday as i procrastinated work and looked forward to going home.

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