Tuesday, October 13, 2015


In the midst of studying for my philosophy midterm tomorrow, I am reminded that there is a god who allows joyful moments of distraction !!!

You can read her blog at megfee.com

I swear to you, she should be a famous author on life, womanhood, honesty, angst and resilience. 
I study beautiful writers every day and cherish so many of them,
but oftentimes there are clusters of writers who are so far-removed from modern times, 
or their rawness feels forced, or their writing reads pretentious.

When I need a deep read to escape my school stresses, I love Meg's words.
They validate how I feel as a twenty-one-year-old woman,
they make me laugh,
they make me sigh when I relate to the pain,
and, overall, they have inspired my own fragments of writing.

So, if you need a good read, go to her blog.
Buy her $8 e-book.
I can't wait to buy mine.

the end.

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