Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1st Morning Musings

loveeee October.
Obviously November and December have their own reasons for being loved,
but October is that anticipatory goodness before all the crazy goodness.
Oftentimes I'd much rather extend the moment of waiting for something wonderful
rather than being in the wonderful moment itself. Know what I mean?

But, so far, this morning has been one of the best mornings yet.
I allowed myself to sleep in until eight...which is a big deal for someone
whose internal alarm clock sounds about ten minutes to six.

I oftentimes find that I not only rush through life as a whole, but through the 
hours and minutes of my day, as well.
Since Sundays usually mean early church, Fridays mean chapel, and Saturdays are usually
spent elsewhere, I have been attempting to make my Thursday mornings a sort of Sabbath.
As a way of practicing quietness and peace, I make myself--yes, practically force--slow down, not rush to school to hit the books, and to just tidy my room, read, blog, pray, and take my time at getting ready for the day/weekend.


Anyway, the morning is great because I'm actually taking it slow. But, I woke up to a rainy morning! Yay! I slept with the windows open in the hopes that it would rain, and the smell was just amazing. The wind brushing past my blinds smelled pure and like the trees. {I juuuust might have to treat myself to a pumpkin soy latte today due to all of these seasonal feels right now...}

Also, today meant Paris Fashion Week highlights!!! My favorite collection so far was Chloe' has such a bohemian meets minimal feel to it {says my non-fashion-educated-self, but hey..}. Balmain always kills it, although it represents a style very much unlike what I usually prefer. And I have yet to see Lanvin's collection, although I am looking forward to that.

The ready-to-wear line up for the week has me so excited to wake up each morning and check the highlights.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to the Dior, and Balenciaga shows.

Saturday, I am looking forward to Vivienne Westwood...because, although it's a week of ready-to-wear did you see the Sex in the City dress? I mean, c'mon, my dream gown is a Westwood gown...but that's all it is, a dream. *sigh*

Sunday, I am excited for Celine, John Galliano and McQueen...Alexander McQueen was my favorite designer in high school. I will never forget the day he passed away. At that point in my life I was convinced I could some how "make it" someday and walk in one of his shows in those impossible, sky-high ballerina like heels. Again, I'm really just quite the dreamer ;)

Monday is Hermes and Saint Laurent...two classics, two beauties. A girl can always dream of a Birkin Bag along with everything else, right? ;)

And then Tuesday...the Mother of all shows...CHANEL. I heart Lagerfeld and his consistently classic take on women. Valentino shows afterwards, too, which will definitely be a collection in its own right.

Finally, Tuesday, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton. Prada showed today and, while I always love their skirts, I have an even greater love for Miuccia Prada's shoes for her Miu Miu collections. Plus, Louis Vuitton...from Vuitton himself, to Marc Jacobs, to--now--Nicolas Ghesquiere, it never disappoints...

SO THERE'S MY SECOND FASHION WEEK RANT FOR THE MORNING. The first rant was heard alllll by boyfriend, poor thing haha


On the twenty-first of last month, boyfriend and I celebrated TWO YEARS WHAT of being together. We spent the day hopping around the city.
He requested some shopping around Union Square and down Market,
and I requested riding Muni to Ocean Beach.

It was one of my most favorite days of our relationship.

I love him.

happy almost weekend!
happy paris fashion week!
happy october 1st!!!

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