Thursday, October 22, 2015

*que petty venting* and :"science classes are kicking my ass"

- a phrase i never thought would come out of my mouth. not because i didn't think that science classes could kick my ass, but because i didn't ever really anticipate taking them. i thought that math my freshmen year of college would suffice...then i realized that math cannot be a scapegoat for science...

anyway, yesterday and today have been shit days in my academia world. i'm actually just having a major pity party, and i never ever mean to sound ungrateful for the education i have been given.

i should be telling myself: "madison, you're so blessed! you get to study SCIENCE! not everyone gets to study science!" i usually give myself this pep talk before my three hour lab.

two hours later, i'm thinking anything but this.
i'm the annoying type that, when frustrated or overwhelmed, i become incredibly silent and unnervingly intense. my lab partner is this little ray of sunshine and i feel like a god awful person
at the end of each frustrating lab because i know that my silence just makes me seem like the rain shower on her pretty parade.

all i want is to go home.
i might just do that tomorrow and just forget about monday's classes.
i just can't deal (okay, yeah i can, i've had way worse but i just don't want to deal)...

i am craving my dad's coffee and my own pancakes from scratch. not to mention my
homemade oatmeal breakfast cookies...making breakfast is about all i'm good at (haaa), unless you're okay with grilled chicken, bell peppers and onions for dinner.

this is my fourth night eating spaghetti, so all other foods sound phenomenal right now.

ok. my petty venting is over.
the end.

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