Friday, October 9, 2015


I have LA on my mind.
I never thought I'd ever move near the WEST HOLLYWOOD area.
Can I not wake up from my film dream when it all begins in January?
Someone pinch me.
I'm going to write a film and make Hollywood a temporary home. 

Thank you, Jesus.
{and mom & dad}

That's all I keep telling myself.
I guess he meant business when he put a love of writing in
my heart when I was just a child.

Feelin' all the thankful,
dreamy feels today.

Happy Friday.

*Also, anything ODESZA, Hippie Sabotage or even Purity Ring is destined to be on repeat in my ears while I'm there. I remember Tove Lo was mine and my OC roommate's jam. 

I can't WAIT for those Southern California days. I could cry.
K. bye.

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