Tuesday, November 17, 2015

the people i have seen lately.

There is a girl I know who has written several books. Currently, she has allowed me into her fictional world, and I am reading one of her novels. With every word I read, I cannot fathom her talent and distinctive voice as a novelist.

I see this one man around campus and occasionally we get to talking before and after our much too early class. I don't know him well--just a little. He is one of those rare men that has such a beautiful face, though in no way does that hinder from his masculinity. He exudes kindness, too, which is an added bonus for the woman who gets to call her his someday.

There is a woman I have only met twice. Sometimes I look into her world through social media {which makes me feel somewhat weird about my curiosity} just because I find her life simple and oddly familiar, though I'd never wish to speak with her in person for the mere fact of such similarities.

There are a hand full of men that I see around campus weekly, and I swear the combination of them could make up the dreamiest closest of men's shoes.

There is an older woman that I am slowly coming to know. She says the sweetest things to me, but I have yet to work up the courage to ask her to meet me for coffee so that I might engage in her life for once.

I recently met a very talented individual. He made me excited for the slew of talented individuals that I might meet at film school.

Look around you, every now and again. There are beautiful people everywhere.

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