Thursday, December 3, 2015

oregon love + hozier(?)

currently obsessed with this song.
and, yes, i'm real late to the party.

but i saw it on a small homemade film that was shot on the beaches
of the pacific northwest.

so, that coast + this dazzling melody = beauty.

i spent quite some time tonight talking to an old friend from oregon.
i miss those oregonians of mine dearly--

and those green trees that encompass the mountains.
and that brief, winding drive up and down the 99.
and the pitter patter of the rain against my face at the wake of morning, and how it drummed on into the night against my hollow window, singing me to sleep.
and the way the sun's brightness was held by the reflection of every dripping leaf on every dripping tree--i swear that if heaven is plentiful with water it must feel and taste like the purity of air that has been rained on for days on end.
and the chai from chapters on the corner of downtown newberg.
and the portland skyline.
and that evening at dusk when a friend and i took the backroads home headed toward the 'berg,
and mount hood stood tall and pretty in the background so we stopped the car and walked amongst the over grown grass in the hilly field, and i could have cried from how full my heart was then in the present, in nostalgia.
and those faces that i collected for a year. those beautiful faces that carried me through some of my worst days. they smiled at me, and laughed with me. and cried with me, too. 
but that glorious oregon air, and the sun that shines the prettiest up where northwest is best. 

i'm happy now.
but i miss it all.
i cannot believe i'm nearing four years since having moved there.

p.s. i'm really struggling to write my paper.

the end.

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