Tuesday, January 12, 2016

a view that looks like cal

Berkeley always feels like a home,
I know it so well (+ it's my future home of academia, fingers crossed).
I love the crammed streets,
pushy people,
hidden shops,
noisy nights,
and those lazy hills that rest so near.

I have the best window in my apartment.
It overlooks the mountains, and the Hollywood sign.
At the corner is a coffee shop,
and an intersection down below with a pulse of traffic that never ceases.

Within the past twenty-four hours I have come to the realization that
this one view looks so much like Berkeley.
The mismatched apartments do, too.
And the sliced crevices of city meets pocket pose as resemblances, as well.

Needless to say, I don't love Los Angeles, but I do love how at home I feel in
such a new and temporary place.

I look out my window and I sigh with satisfaction that I am finally
living in the city.

I have spent so many weekends, nights, mornings and afternoons in Berkeley,
wishing that I could live there, envying the locals and students who shuffle about
with their groceries, backpacks, lovers, and purposes.

Tonight, after class and after a visit to the grocery store, my roommate and I walked
home, past the mismatched apartments and crammed streets.

We had backpacks strapped to us,
she held an avocado in her hand,
I had a bag filled with ingredients,
and we both had a sense of how the intersections worked.

I looked up at the building before me, which looks so much like a building on College and Dwight near Cal, and I smiled at how content I was in that moment.

In that moment, I belonged to a city.

And I smiled as a car honked by, an angry driver, a red light, and a cross walk that told me to stop but I knew to walk anyway.

The End.


I've always loved this song with my whole heart, but it's appropriate for living in the Bay Area AND living in Los Angeles so...

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