Thursday, January 28, 2016

belated christmas post

in the days leading up to christmas, my family and i stayed in san francisco for a few days.
we ate at some of the yummiest restaurants and cafes.
i drank the best coffee yet.
had the best mule yet. 
and then i said a "see you later" to my favorite city by the bay.

today, after writing class, my roommate and i were talking about the muses in our lives.
i told her that any time i create anything, i'm usually pulling my emotions from two muses.
i'm sure i will accumulate another muse or two in my life,
but for the past few years i've only had two.
and san francisco is one of them.

i tell my mom and my dad that i miss them.
they are a home to me.

but i don't miss the place where i was born.
anytime i miss home, i miss sf.

that's my heart's home.

below are pictures (some taken whilst in sf) from the week of christmas.

i visited two places i had wanted to see,
the coppola family's cafe: cafe zoetrope (which had an incredible meatball sandwich)
mr. holmes bake house (which had yummy desserts).

also, if you ever find yourself in need of an excellent meal while in the financial district...go to wafare tavern. (and order their donuts for dessert!)

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