Monday, January 18, 2016

LACMA love love love

i had a date with myself today & it was glorious.
it was a morning of needing to clear my head,
look at beautiful things,
cross something off of my bucket list,
and embrace some solitude. 

the LACMA is a beautiful place.
i encourage anyone who can go to visit! 

it won't disappoint.
plus, i'm going to try and go again when i can get tickets to the rain room.

(the following photos were taken on my nikon...i'm still very much am amateur photo taker so have some grace about the quality)


(the rest of my photos were taken through VSCO):

this one room was dark, except for the illuminated color yellow.
so naturally one of my favorite coldplay songs was playing in my head.

happy monday.

i'm hoping that today goes so much better than yesterday,
even though yesterday still had a quiet sense of goodness to it. 

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