Friday, January 22, 2016

my hopes for 2016:

before the the first month of this year comes to an end, i figured i'd talk a little bit about my hopes for this year. now that i am two weeks into my time here in los angeles, i think that i am forming more clarity in regards to the things that i want and the things that i am hoping for this year.

i'm hoping to surprise myself. i've already surprised myself a lot these past two weeks, and i love the way it leaves me feeling. i'm hoping to be shocked and awed even more throughout the year, whether that be through small or big ways // i want to explore options for taking a teach abroad trip. within a matter of weeks, i feel as though i could learn so much from a classroom abroad // i want to attend writer's conferences, or join a writer's group -- i'll need lots of accountability for my art when i leave los angeles // i want to live with friends again. i am so loving living with the three women in my life right now, and the idea of living with friends for a little while longer sounds lovely // i want to remain firm in the core beliefs and values that i hold, while continuing to challenge myself by being in places/with people that think differently from me // i want to acquire a better taste for fish -- because it is so healthy for you, and i hate fish, and i am very much missing out // i also want to acquire a taste for avocado // i want to complete my screenplay...and perhaps write two or three other completed screenplays -- and perhaps submit essays/shorts for publication // i want to make my way back to oregon to see the faces i love and to meet my covenant friend's baby boy (also, to eat voodoo, of course) // i hope to come to a place of being able to support myself. i'll be broke, and probably a little stressed, but i know that i will pride myself in every little buy and bill // i want to kiss a lot, because last year i didn't and that was my fault, and this year i just want to say yes to lots of kissing and embracing // i want to watch the top 101 screenplays for film // i want to finish reading the other six hundred pages of the brother's karamazov // i want to finally tattoo my arm, because i've wanted to for years and years now, and i don't care what my skin will look like when i'm old, and i also love ink so very much, so there's that // i want to fall in love if it's meant to be, and be okay if it doesn't // i want to begin to plan an adventure--i want to see europe, or road trip up the west coast, or fly somewhere new // i want to be more intentional about time, and to take every day as it comes rather than stressing about the year to come // i hope to take lots of pictures, and drink lots of coffee, and read good books, and tell people that i love them, and study films, and work towards the GRE, and find a church to get more involved in, and to just say yes to things i might have said no to before.

the end.

also, my friend david came over with his roommate tonight, and while playing us his cinematography reel, he played this song and i asked him to play it over again. and now i can't get enough. my friends have wonderful taste in music. and frank sinatra always reminds me of my dad, and how i sometimes wish i was born in a different time, if even for a day.

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