Monday, February 8, 2016

life lately:

i have this idea in my mind that my life right now is
a lot like a long hallway with many doors.

i don't know what is behind each door,
but i am eager about each and every one.

i'm not going to let myself be intimidated
by the doors, their grand exteriors, and the ambiguity
of their interiors.

instead, i'm going to knock.
on every damn door.

i'm going to knock with willingness,
and determination.

i'm going to knock on each door,
and i'm going to chase whatever lies ahead.

i'm coming to a place of truly knowing that
now is not the time in my life to hold back who
i am and who i want to become.

i have many fears,
but i will not succumb to my fear of nothingness
by letting my fear of the now overwhelm me.

i'm very (though quietly) thrilled about life right now
and the mystery of where this current path might take me.

1 comment:

  1. this post. gosh, I miss you. and I wish I could be having coffee with you right now.