Monday, February 1, 2016

seven henrietta street + yellow + regina spektor on a windy monday evening

i needed something cheery to look at since today was so so so long and so very monday.
i posted this little film on my blog (literally) years ago.

but some of you weren't reading my blog four years ago
(if not, look at my archives...they're ridiculous and dramatic and very very honest. they make me laugh at myself).

anyway, here's this and then a song that came on another little film i was watching today.

one of the first times i fell in love,
the boy and i sat in the car blasting regina's song us from the 500 days of summer soundtrack.
our relationship was over,
but we loved each other recklessly like young lovers do,
and we had ran into one another at a bookstore,
and i wasn't allowed to be with him,
but i bought the album with the song
and we sat in the car in the middle of a storm and just laughed and listened.

it was a good moment amongst a lot of bad.

those good moments are so much better in retrospect, i think.
today wasn't bad, it wasn't good. but these two sunny tunes and this pretty clip 
make my evening a little bright.

that and i really want to walk and get a donut...
...but we shall see if i give in to that little piece of sunshine food goodness ;)

i hope that someday they'll name a city after me and someone special.
then they can blame us all they want,
but i'll have my love and my city,
and that's all my heart really desires.

those things and words.
so many words.


can i live in a world like that?
where someone writes about me for once?

yes, please.

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