Wednesday, March 30, 2016

spring break sf

for my {very short} spring break i flew into san francisco and spent most of my days exploring and just admiring it.
there was mission dolores, lunch at ike's, a swing at billy goat, starbucks by ghiradelli's, and an unbeatable sunset on wednesday.

bleeker street bistro off telegraph on thursday morning before running to college ave for some earl grey ice cream from icee, and cupcakes from my mom's favorite little sandwich/bakery spot in berkeley.

friday it was all about making it to mission dolores {for donuts and lunch across the street from the park}. then exploring market, chinatown, little italy, and ocean beach. 

saturday was a break for family.

and then sunday i found myself back where i started at sfo -- very, very sad to leave.

san francisco, i say this all of the time, but you have my heart in knots and butterflies for forever and ever.

and, berkeley, you just feel like an early, foggy saturday morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a lover right beside me. 

{i'm planning to edit this post more, so don't mind the changes to come!}

mission dolores park has a view that i'm sure resembles or is prettier than heaven {really}
 (copying jess' moves ^^^)
 you might not be able to tell, but i hated the swing. there were so many people waiting
to take the perfect picture. i just wanted to try the swing but jess ended up snapping a bunch of (unflattering) pictures of me mostly pointing my finger at him telling him to stop haha
 billy goat is a beauty
 "hey, jess, pose..." ^^^
 caught snappin'
 other than the feelings i got when driving through south city upon arrival, and later at night when we reached the claremont exit for berkeley, this view was my favorite part of the day.
i see those hills and that view and i know that i am home forever and ever 

 other than the yellow homes throughout sf, this restaurant is one of my favorite colors! so so pretty!
 i'm so in love with the seemingly never ending web of bus/muni lines that hang above everyone's heads
i love this cafe! mostly for its meatball sandwich, but also
because the coppolas own it and i like them, too!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

i fell in love with san francisco all over again, guys.

and it was marvelous.
i'm staring at south city right now.
i picked a terminal where i could look towards the east bay hills just once more until who knows when.

i can't see the campanile like i usually can from a similar distance.
but i can see oakland.
and i can see the rolling hills i love,
and somewhere close i buried my heart for when i return.

{more to come/pictures, too! soon}