Monday, May 9, 2016

One Week Post-Graduated

How I've been describing my current status to folks:

It's like when you're engaged--not that I know what that's really like.
But...I've been in this relationship for four years and now my title is no longer undergraduate. I'm a graduate. It has a ring to it that I'm still getting used to. 

So, yay for metaphors? 
Is that even a metaphor?
And, since I'm asking this question, did I even get my degree in English?


In the last nine days, I've learned quite a few things:

1. Writing applications is a part-time job in itself.
2. Looking for jobs feels sooo much more enjoyable when you're a student gazing at the job market from afar. But, alas, when you are broke and in need of a job and no longer a student that job market is the easiest thing to avoid.
3. Flowers from Trader Joe's suffice as a mother's day gift. Just keep milking the post-graduate thing for every excuse as to why you cannot afford anything except a tall coffee and films from RedBox.
4. Watch all the films. Seriously. Just do it.
5. Waking up between 5:00-6:00 am is SO MUCH EASIER IN LOS ANGELES than it is here in the Bay Area. In LA the alarm went off and I popped up like a poptart in a toaster. Here?! Here I let my alarm go for an hour (seriously)...thank god I have no roommate to suffer through my snooze.
6. Parents want to cook your meals still. LET THEM -- but say lots of thank yous.
7. Write the damn script. Do it. You're not in a coffee shop filled with other aspiring writers and cineastes. LET THIS MAKE YOU FEEL SPECIAL.
8. That same rude person from high school? (or the many of them) THEY STILL EXIST. But smile at them because it's the right thing to do, and practicing being the bigger person will help for the future workplace you'll find yourself in.
9. It is A-OK to still not know what a 401 K is. I don't. And I'm accepting this fault in myself.
10. It's ok if you still don't quite understand how budgeting bills and life works. I don't, but I'm figuring it out. Talk about this stuff, just because you have a degree doesn't mean you know a thing about life. 
11. That style you picked up whilst away at university? If you like it, continue to wear your clothes proudly. I don't consider myself to be one who dresses extravagantly or uniquely, but boy have my clothes got me stares around this small town. Smile and wave, gals, smile and wave that hand.
12. It's okay to grieve the past four years. Just means that they were worth more than you could have fathomed at the beginning.
13. Let it go. Whatever it is. If it's a healthy choice to let it go, let. the. damn. thing. go.
14. Your mom might not have all of the education you now have, but she's still the wisest woman you will ever know. Remember that.
15. Mind your vulgarity. Flipping people off doesn't work in a place where people aren't dealing with the stresses of the 405, and also where people on the road are likely to be the folks sitting next to you in church. Yeah..
16. The beginning of summer is no a foreshadow of the end of summer. Or the end of the year. Or next year. Just because you are graduated does not mean that the mundane starts now. You haven't lived yet. Embrace this beautiful reality. 
17. Buy the second-hand suede biker/cowboy boots. Just do it.
18. Caffeine. It is still your friend.
19. Build a routine. Especially if you are in between jobs.
20. If you do move home, if you don't have a clear plan, if you are broke, single, etc etc. WONDERFUL. Keep that spunk. Write that resume. Tell yourself that you are beyond qualified. Be your biggest fan. Ask for help. Cry that cry in the shower, but remember that tomorrow is a new day. Remember the people who got you through the past four years (or how ever many it took to graduate). And remember/acknowledge those who were there for you before, those who took a different path. Embrace them, and let them embrace you.


That's all for now, folks. I'm working on two projects that I am SUPER excited about. 

ps. I reserve the rights for all grammatical errors on this post. I may have my Bachelor of Arts in English but I'm still human (cry-face emoji).

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