Monday, June 6, 2016

today i *actually* embarassed myself in public...

{photo via pinterest and creator}

i met up with two of my high school best friends today --
and, as girls do, we caught up on every last detail of life.

i can't repeat on here what i said in person because, well,
it's no one's business but my own, and it embarrassed me --

what i will say, however, is all that must be noted from the moment:

1. i learned a lesson in volume control when it comes to my mouth


2. i actually got a pat on the back from a complete male stranger who also
believed that i deserved a free coffee for my goodness to this world.

i kid you not.

so -- ladies -- spill all the beans you'd like to trusting ears but
be warned that the things in life that warrant a free coffee might also
deserve to be said least if you're one who easily grows quite red in the face.

i hope i'll laugh about it tomorrow.
or someday, at least.

my friends sure did laugh a heap ton.

they make my life very fun when we're all together!


did you know that there's a drink at starbucks called a "widow"...or something like that?

it's half coffee, half black tea -- iced. i add a bit of sweetener and a splash of soy.
the taste is so unique!
first, you taste the coffee; then, you taste the tea.
very caffeinated (plus!),
and also it doesn't leave me feeling full and heavy (also a plus!) like iced coffee sometimes does.



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