Tuesday, August 2, 2016

style series inspiration // women who wear - 'behati prinsloo'

All summer I have been playing with different drafts of posts that
discuss style. The sole purpose for this is my desire to have conversations about 
pretty things, as well as a means to remind myself of why I love style so much.

My blog has felt so stagnant lately, so I'm hoping that the topic of 
personal style from women I admire will give this yellow blog some life. 


For my first post I want to talk about a woman whose style is so unbelievably
badass, edgy, and eclectic. 

One of my favorite ways to use the Internet is to look up the street styles of the women whose styles 
I find most inspiring. One woman I love to look to for inspiration is:


{click the link to the left!}

I first came across Behati because of her work for Victoria's Secret. She first walked for them in 2007, but I would come to know her {and her wonderfully edgy style} in the few years to come. Prior to being familiar with her off-duty style, I had no idea that Behati dressed entirely different from the brands she has represented -- Victoria's Secret and Juicy Couture {to name a couple}.

Both brands signify a female's strength, confidence, and femininity in their own distinct ways. And while Behati also embodies strength, confidence and femininity, she does so in a completely unique way because of her personal take on beauty and edge. 

I'm no expert and I have {obviously} never talked style with Behati herself, so I'm not about to label her looks and attempt to define what exactly her style is.

Instead, I want to share some of my favorite looks of hers and why -- with them I believe Behati's style will speak for itself:


I love this first look because it proves just how easygoing Behati's style is. Perhaps I'm a bit bias because hats and denim {especially oversized denim} jackets are two things that make me feel most confident. 

This look is great because it has a timeless edginess to it. The hat adds a pop of color, but it remains unique because red seems to always be the go-to pop of color, whereas orange is a bit riskier and used a lot less.

And while we're at it, can I just say how effortlessly beautiful Behati's natural look is? Again, I'm no expert so I can't say for certain whether she is wearing make up or not. If she isn't -- her clean face is even more stunning than when she is glammed up. And if she is indeed wearing make up, then she sure has a thing or two to teach me about wearing make up more subtly and naturally.

p.s. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Behati reveals how she enhances the waves in her hair!

p.p.s. some similar denim jackets can be found at these places:


I love this look for a few reasons:

1. Adam is definitely not the only rock star in this photo
2. Behati proves her love of black -- and when does all black ever go wrong?
3. Booties and tights = one of my favorite winter combos...especially here in California where winter means 50-60 degree days
4. Behati's style balances perfectly between tough {with her torn tights and boots} and feminine {the furry coat}


Again -- she wears a jacket that I love & pulls off toughness with the baby blue bag acting as a softer hint for the look.


Look at her quirky touch -- those polk-a-dot socks!

And, the shoes -- those are just an outfit statement all their own.


This is one of my favorite street style looks I have ever come across. Her jeans fit her exactly the way I love my jeans to fit -- fitted at the hips, a baggier fit down the leg, and rolled up. 

{Also, here she yet again makes a shade of orange the perfect pop of color. I had a woman ask me--in the store I work at--why we had so much orange and whether it is wearable during this season. It tends to be more of a fall color, I think, especially deeper oranges that verge on a rusted color. I say that fashion has its seasonal rules, but style is where anything goes.}


Last but not least -- A CAT SHIRT

Oh, and Behati pulling off the t-shirt and jeans look that so many other supermodels seem to forget is most relatable to the general population of young women.

It isn't just the look of her style that keeps me looking to her for inspiration, but it is primarily the versatility and relatability of her look. 

She is beautiful without looking untouchable, and proves that it's totally normal and realistic to re-wear and restyle clothing pieces. While I admire the styles of other supermodels, their off duty wardrobes tend to look more like runway looks than everyday wear. 

Behati is a beauty and supermodel, but her down-to-earth nature is what makes her style unique and cultivated in a way that young women can aspire to --

Because of this, I wanted to write about her as my first style inspiration !



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