Thursday, August 11, 2016

style series inspiration // women who wear -- 'kendall jenner'

In honor of Kendall Jenner's September issue cover, I've decided to talk about her and why I love her style so much.

A little bit of background --

When Keeping Up with the Kardashians first aired, I wasn't allowed to watch the show and Kendall
was just a little girl.

Kendall and I are different in every single way, save for three reasons:

1. We're both California natives 


3. At young ages, we both shared a modeling dream.

I'm glad the dream came true for one of us ;)


I remember the first time I saw the film The September Issue.

It completely turned my  little world up side down.

To this day I still listen to the song "Destroy Everything You Touch" by Ladytron, which is
what plays over the film's opening montage of Fashion Week (month).

The music always makes me feel as empowered as it did when I was younger and full of belief
that someday I might walk down a runway for a Marc Jacobs show.

So, having a love of Kendall Jenner (I don't care what folks/the media says about the
KarJenner klan -- I think they are beautiful and hilarious) as well as the September issue of American Vogue, writing this piece makes me very excited!

Originally I was putting something together about Grace Coddington (1. Because her style and story are phenomenal, and 2. The September Issue, duh...), but I will save that post for next time!

Now, let's get to it!


I am drawn to Kendall's style for two primary reasons --

First, her personal style very much has a relatability factor to it -- because of this, I have always been able to find practical inspiration from her. 

Secondly, a lot of times her personal style/street wear still maintains an air of supermodeldom...and, rightfully so! I mean nothing negative by this. Her high fashion pieces simply serve as a higher (if even less practical) source of inspiration for me. 

In some sense, her practical style is very much like reading a glorious article from InStyle where suggestions and examples based off of higher fashion are laid out for the average woman to build her own style and inspiration from and around. 

In another sense, the high fashion side of Kendall's style is like flipping through the pages of a Harper's Bazaar editorial -- fascinating, provocative, glamorous...but more of an art piece than a tangible product for a young woman like myself who must justify $3.85 for an order from Starbucks). 


Kendall's versatility between knowing how to be down to earth, but also being bold
with her personal style choices is what makes her such a fascinating woman to me.

As an average woman, I like to look at any piece of clothing and be reminded that I too could
wear anything I want and still look beautiful.

Kendall's overall look is natural enough to remind women like me that even if we can't afford a label,
we could still pull off a look.

And let's be honest -- style trumps actual fashion rules any and every day.

Say what you will about supermodels and celebrities being given such luxurious clothing --
at the end of the day those women are just as much as person as you and I. A body is a body,
and it's good to be celebrated.

I personally appreciate a model that looks as real as me,
not just in her skin but in her clothing.

Kendall represents that in my life, and always has over the years.

V E R S A T I L I T Y's a fabulous thing to be mindful of as a woman when dressing one's self based on personal style and preference. 


If I could sit down and talk knee high boots, bags, sneakers, hats, and outerwear with Kendall,
I'd first want to ask her what--besides comfort--she seeks out from a look...

What does she start with first?

Does she plan? Dress better on a whim?

What piece of clothing makes her feel most powerful?

And, which editorial has been the most inspiring for her?


Perhaps I take clothing too seriously.

Perhaps it's the territory that comes with being part of the first generation to grow up with
social media at its fingertips, but over the years I have often found myself discouraged due to my inability to possess what I see other supermodels, icons, and celebrities wearing.

In simple terms, this is called coveting and envy -- neither is healthy for the soul.

As I've gotten older (because twenty-two is sooooooo old and mature, you guys.), I've learned
to take steps back from social media when I take other people's (friends of mine included)
possessions and lifestyles with way more than a grain of salt.

This is why I appreciate models (like Behati!!!) and celebrities who actually look like regular women that they are.

There is NOTHING WRONG WITH REGULAR WOMEN. At the end of the day, as I said prior, we are all people who pull our trousers up the same way and want our outer beauty to be a compliment to our more important inner beauty.

This is going to sound stupid, but there have been episodes of KUWTK where Kendall stresses the importance of everyone knowing his/her inner beauty and personal value.

Seeing this side of a supermodel--if even always through a screen--is probably what keeps me coming back to her time and time again to see her gorgeous editorials and street snapped photos both of which showcase her chameleon like versatility is at its fullest display. 

Remember ladies, style and aesthetic is the beauty that makes us up inside and out.

Fashion is simply a standard set by society.

*wink* xoxo


p.s. This post was written post honey/olive oil/brown sugar exfoliant all over my face
because break outs, and dry skin. ALSO WRITTEN while in my boxers, with days old unwashed hair tied in a bun on my head, with a bag of buttery popcorn by my side --

BUT I still say that we can alllllll aspire to the aesthetic of any look/style/editorial/whatever 

k. bye!

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