Thursday, September 8, 2016

a quote that turned into a letter for a friend:

"Hold on to your hope. As your triumph unfolds, he's never failing."
-Kristine DeMarco

I have a friend who knows what to say and when to say it.
While she'll say she's got her source -- I'll agree, though I still believe
she was made to have perfect timing all her own.

My friend has supported me since the eighth grade when--on my first day of school--she saw me coming her way (she knew of me because my mom had been her Spanish teacher, and she was excited to not be so alone at a public school that she was also relatively new to).

I will never forget walking towards this girl--I also knew of, but didn't know well--who was jumping up and down, grinning from ear to ear, just ecstatic to have me around.
She was beaming, and I was shell-shocked from her joy -- the cloud and pure sunshine.

The rest is sort of history.

We went through the type of shit that people go through that either makes or breaks a friendship. A lot of it stuff that most teenagers don't go through.

Our friendship has nearly been broken on a handful of occasions, mostly as a result of my mistakes and my own hurt. But my friend is full of unwarranted grace towards others, and that is why she continues to support me -- and send much needed quotes and messages even when she doesn't know for a fact that I am in need of some words. 

She is without a doubt one of my biggest supporters for going to LA and pursuing my writing career. She's also someone who willingly/happily watches the films that I want to watch -- which is basically one of my few love languages. 

Last Thursday she watched The Tree of Life with me and let me re-cap on my senior thesis ideas in regards to it. AND SHE LISTENED. So, she's a keeper for life.

To my friend -- even if none of it comes true, even if some of it comes true -- or, crazily enough, if it all indeed does come true...Our minds will be blown together, and I'll owe you one big thank you for any and all of it. 

Good tears or bad tears, triumphs and failures, you with your ring and me with whatever trophy I garner -- we'll share it because you cared from the very beginning, and life had great timing for us.

The one thing I know will keep me sane, probably for the rest of my life, is the whispered idea that at the end of the day, my triumphs and failures are already known to someone much bigger than I. It excites me to think that if I could just let go of my own agenda for a second, I could definitely be on track toward a triumph far greater than any plan I could ever construe. 

Thanks for holding on with me, friend.


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