Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My day with Julia

Married at 22

{though there's more to the story than just that...}

I've talked about this friend numerous times on this blog. I've told our infamous story of how she chose me, and I tried to run the other way because I was mean and irritable. How I owe my friendship primarily to her efforts and her grace. 

We have a plethora of stories -- some hilarious, some unbelievable, others full of sorrow...but all so very good.

I move to Los Angeles this weekend and she says "I do" in a little over two weeks from now. I am by no means a professional photographer. I'm just a girl with a Nikon that she can't quite figure out. However, there was this little tug in me -- an idea that I should capture this time in life. I shooed the idea away because I'm not camera savvy and I don't own any fancy equipment. 

Though as my move and her wedding date neared, I swallowed my pride, asked her to choose an outfit or two that make her feel beautiful {even though she can somehow manage to look like a babe in anything}, and we set a date to snap some photos. The only thing I didn't tell her prior was that I was going to come into the afternoon with questions. 

Again, I'm no photographer, but I love documentation. This season of life is special for the two of us in our own lives. She's already had moments of this season captured, and there will be someone snapping away during the best day of my friend's life...but on this day -- this random, little Tuesday -- I was the one doing the documentation as a means of preserving what our friendship looks like before everything changes for the even better -- her, front and center making a beautiful vow; me, behind a camera with a pen, in all of my curiosity and newness. 

Here are the questions and more photos from our day:

Julia, how long have you been engaged and how many more days until you say "I do"?

I've been engaged for over 9 months. That's all I know. Haha! And I'm getting married in...I think 19 days. Ah -- that's so weird!...18. I thought it was 19. I just told someone it was 19. That was yesterday. You can quote me! 

What has been your favorite part(s) about being engaged?

Ohhh -- the promise. That it's a promise. Getting engaged was like seeing God's promise come to life. Just being engaged is like tangible hope.

What are some things you're most excited for once you are married?

OH!! I have to be careful because this is going on the Internet! Hmm...I'm excited to do everyday life together. I'm excited to work toward each other's dreams and goals together. And to cast vision for our future together. And, to play together and have fun together. To serve one another. I think that sums it all up.

You're getting married young {by society's standards}, but what do you believe are the benefits of marrying in one's early 20's?

I think you haven't created habits...when you're older you're more set in your ways. When you're younger you're more adaptable and moldable so that you can grow together and mold together. When you're younger you might be more open to compromising and meeting half way. Also, you have energy. You get to grow up with that person.

What are three words that describe you?

Ooooooh wow, that's a fun one! I would say...This is cliche, but joy, thoughtful, and faithful.

What piece(s) of clothing make(s) you feel most beautiful?
Dresses and all black. Yeah, all black makes me feel really good!

You love make-up {and it's such a huge talent of yours!!}, what are some of your favorite brands and why?

Make Up For Ever because the quality of the products is outstanding. Bare Minerals because it's natural {ingredients}, but it's still high-quality, and I fell like anyone of all ages can wear it. Urban Decay because the products are just really good. What else do I use a lot of? Yeah -- I would say these three are my favorites! 

Where are some of your favorite places to shop and why?

Forever 21 because it's cheap and I can always find something! I can find things that look expensive but are actually inexpensive. That's where I get most of my clothes! I actually have quite a few things from Pac Sun now. I like them because I feel like they are becoming more trendy. And then Cotton On because it is cheap and I find good basic pieces. 

You're about to move into your very first apartment! What are some of your favorite home/furniture/decorative pieces so far? 

I love our cutting board -- it's a wood one! And I just feel like it's both of our style. It just looks pretty on my counter. We also have these little pink elephant measuring cups that look like Anime characters. I love our dresser! It's simple and white and makes me feel calm. Oh! And our white dishes that we were given. They look really clean and make me feel refreshed. I like white, I'm discovering. It makes me feel...*and she takes a deep breath in and out

{elephant measuring cups are from Francesca's -- similar can be found here}

How would you describe your desired home aesthetic? 

I would say...Modern, comfortable...We have touches of wood so I don't want to say rustic. But, modern, comfortable, cozy

What is your favorite color?

Black, cream, white, nude, and pink. Haha! And olive green! I love olive green! Oh! And taupe! Oh! And grey! I'm sorry. I like neutrals but then I like pink and olive green, too, so...

 {Tea Kettle can be found at Crate and Barrel}

This morning you could be heard listening to ______ while getting ready.

Faithful Till the End by Paul and Hannah McClure!

Best advice you've ever been given:

Be yourself. Be who God made you to be. And, stay in your own lane! That all goes together!

If you could only bring 3 things to a deserted island, what would they be?

Justin! {Fiance}, a canopy bed, a picnic basket full of food, and a laptop that magically has Internet. Yeah -- four things would be so good!

Dream vacation destination?

Paris...I also want to go to New Zealand but that's both of our's {her and her fiance's}. I also want to go to Barcelona after Paris. And Monaco. But Paris is the main one!

Guilty pleasure?

Probably Pretty Little Liars, and ice cream...and cheese burgers. 

The one thing you wish you could tell your 14 year old self about love?

Ohhh gosh! I would have told myself to ask God what he wanted for me in my future husband. And then to really, really think of actual qualities that I would want. To not waste my time having any sort of feelings for a boy who didn't have those qualities, and-- most importantly--didn't love to Lord. And, to not waste my time with stupid little crushes because they are irrelevant. 

If you could have food delivered to your house at 10pm what would you order?

Probably's cliche but we love burgers!


Thank you so, so, so much, Julia for allowing me to capture this moment! I wish you and your {almost} husband all the joy and adventure and grace throughout your life together!


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